Skin Types

Normal Skin
Normal skin has fine pores, a good blood circulation with a rosy complexion and is of even transparency. Oil and moistures levels are well balanced and it appears in a velvety glow. This is the ideal skin condition and usually does not cause any problems. Products for this skin type aim for maintaining this condition and can be used as all purpose products for the entire family.

Dry Skin
Dry skin is characterized by a lack of sebum and/or moisture and often reacts with tension feelings after washing. It appears thin, flaky, raw, uneven, blotchy with small tears and individual inflamed areas. Its barrier being damaged, the skin often reacts sensitive to external stimuli. Products for sensitive skin are usually very rich in moisture and often oil too, and stimulate the skin's ability to retain moisture.

Oily, Impure Skin
Oily skin is characterized by an over production of sebaceous gland leading to enlarged pores and an oily shine. The complxion often appears sallow, yellowish due to bad blood circulation and uneven transparency. Furthermore, oily skin is often accopanied by excessive hornification and thus comedones and pimples. Products for oily skin reduce sebum production and act against hornification.

Combiantion Skin
Combination Skin is characterized by a mixture of dry(er) skin areas (mostly cheeks and eye section) and oily skin areas (the so-called t-zone, i.e. Forehead, nose, chin). It is similar to normal skin and exept for spradic impurities dous not cause very many problems. Products accordingly balance out the skin and both mattify and moisturize.

Sensitive Skin
Generally, all skin types can react sensitive to external stimuli such as weather, cosmetic ingredients, hot food etc. The effects can be redness, tension feelings, itching, burning, dryness, rashes or pimples. Often persons with chronic skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis and rosacea react especially sensitive an need dermatologically orientated skin care. Products for sensitive skin thus only contain a minimum of cosmetic ingredients, allowing the skin to recover from stimuli that caused the irritation.

Mature Skin
With increasing age, skin loses elasticity and resilience, generally becomes thinner, dryer, fine lines and wrinkles appear. Due to decelerated cell division the skin regenerates more slowly and becomes prone to pigment moles. Products for mature skin are usually very rich, reduce the appearance of lines, stimulate the skin's cell division and prevent the skin from harmful environmental influences (via anti oxidants for example).

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