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We would like to offer you an extensive, high quality range of very best in natural cosmetics.

We are highly selective about the contents and the origins of our products. Seeing a complete declaration regarding both of these factors is very important to us.

It should go without saying that we expect all of our manufacturers not to use animal testing. Products should also be “skin-friendly” and both easy-to-apply and use.

Transparency is very important to us which is why you will find a declaration regarding contents alongside our product descriptions, plus a lexicon of raw materials to aid comprehension of terms used.

We are also available to advise customers ordering products by post. We are always delighted to receive any questions or comments you might have for us.

An integral part of what we define as “quality” is a fast and reliable shipping service as well as up-to-the-minute software technology to keep your data secure. Under no circumstances will your details be passed on to third parties.

Each order will be processed immediately upon receipt and is then put together and packaged with care. Should you, however, wish to complain about any of our goods, we undertake to deal with any such complaints in a rapid and fair manner.

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