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Interessante Blogartikel zu unserer Naturkosmetik

Minimalist natural cosmetics - vegan, social & zero waste
Danish natural cosmetics based on upcycling coffee
with minty-fresh scent of natural essential oils and plant waters of spearmint, orange, lavender, witch hazel and cistus
Harmonisierende Pflegeserie bei trockener, schutzbedürftiger Haut.
15-free & vegan in trendy spring colors
Holistic oral care with essential oils
The new Men's series with spicy-aromatic ebony accord
Immune-boosting nose and mouth care
Natural hair cleansing according to Ayurvedic tradition
Light facial fluids for every skin type
Fresh spring colors and a limited edition powder
sustainable, innovative & silicone-free
in 6 new, intensive colours
Small & fine, vegan & natural!
Cuddly cotton blankets made from 100% Oeko-Tex cotton
Palm oil free & vegan
Sustainable, minimalist natural cosmetics
New shampoos and conditioners, 100% vegan and ayurvedic
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