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100% vegan and organic
Pure aroma sprays for your well-being
New colours for all skin colours!
The secret to beautiful hair.
Zitrisch-Aromatische Duftlinie für den Sommer!
Tinted mineral serum with light coverage and SPF 30
Improved formulations & New design
Vegan Facial Care based on Camellia Seed Oil
For five different Skin Types
the popular shampoo bars now also without fragrance!
Traditionally boiled soaps
Reusable Q-Tips
Sustainable Totthbrushes made in Germany
Practical like a liquid shampoo, low packaging like a soap!
Modern, urban natural cosmetics with active ingredients from nordic herbs, berries and seed oils
Fruity summer colours for your nails
New fragrances made from 100% natural essential oils
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