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The Uniqueness of Dr.Hauschka Skin Care Ingredients from nature, selected medicinal herbs, our very own treatment concept and a core idea that shapes our special skin care approach and our cosmetic products: the skin possesses its own powers of nurture and regeneration and skin care products should support these functions. This is what makes Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products unique. The skin's natural activities can be undermined by the sun, wind or other factors. Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products reinvigorate them. They strengthen the skin's own healthy processes and rhythms and give protection against external influences. For all questions regarding Dr.Hauschka products please be invited to call us at +49.30.690 40 333 monday to friday between 10.00 and 18.00.

Dr. Hauschka Face Care

Dr.Hauschkas nourishing sweet almond and jojoba oils, precious medicinal plant extracts of kidney vetch and nasturtium as well as essential oils - these valuable ingredients are only a small portion of what Dr.Hauschka face care has to offer in the way of ingredients obtained from nature. Feel the beneficial effect on your skin and enjoy this natural and holistic care day after day

Dr. Hauschka Body Care

Dr.Hauschka - When Skin Care becomes an experience Gentle shower care Caring oils with exquisite fragrance compositions Fragrant bath oils Genuine essential oils for a very special experience Mild deodorants Skin-friendly substances for perfect freshness Skin like velvet Lemon Moisturizer, Rose Body Moisturiser and Quince Body Moisturiser Caring oils Inspiration and care Special care for the feet Warming and vitalising ingredients Delicate hand care Protecting and nourishing

Dr. Hauschka Hair Care

The Dr.Hauschka hair care products are specialists for healthy, lustrous hair. Dr.Hauschka Jojoba and Marshmallow Conditioner gives a smooth structure to the hair. Dr.Hauschka Neem Hair Lotion and Dr.Hauschka Neem Hair Oil provide care to restore strength to dry, dull hair.

Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics

Rudolf Hauschka was pleased every time I came to WALA wearing lipstick. A fleeting smile appears on the still immaculately made-up face of Elisabeth Sigmund, now 96 years old, when she tells this story. She herself is pleased that in 1999 a complete range of Decorative Cosmetics based on the Dr.Hauschka Skin Care concept came on the market: with natural ingredients and a formula that not only adorns but at the same time nurtures. High-quality plant oils and waxes and selected medicinal herbs make this possible.

Dr.Hauschka Med

Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Care

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